Ettrick & Apples

We were on our way to a wedding in Central and had the hankering for some fruit so pulled over in Ettrick to pick up some apples.

If you’re heading north along the mighty Clutha river, the wee township sits snuggly between Millers Flat & Roxburgh. Named after the Ettrick Valley in Scotland and back in the 1860s was one of first places apples were grown in New Zealand.

On our first ever date my husband told me in great detail of his love of apples and his disdain of biting into a floury apple. So going apple shopping with him is slightly intense.

At the Ettrick Gardens orchard we met Edna, nearing 80, Edna who was originally from Invercargill but moved to Ettrick in her 20s with her husband, talked us through a few of her favourite apples varieties and the dangers of eating apples with false teeth. Edna it turned out was actually more of a fan of pears than apples.

Her grown up children run the orchard today but she likes to keep her hands dirty and helps out on the weekends.

After some good chats about life in Ettrick and Edna’s 100-year-old house, we set off for a destination with a bundle of apples, most notably the Pacific Beauty and some pears.

How do you like them apples……. very much Ettrick, very much!