Quality Time & Teaspoons

I didn't take this shnap...

The weekend just been we took a trip up to our fair capital, to spend time with family, good friends & The Black Keys.

Going to the concert was the main reason we booked the trip but I have to say the highlight of the wee excursion North was the quality time spent with good people.

Sister in law Christine (the one who is responsible for half of my Retro mustard yellow travel set) collected us from the airport and took us into town to hit a few of the Vintage stores…. I kept repeating my mantra “This is not a shopping trip” but still came away with a delish navy blouse. My husband however cut loose in a manner I’ve never seen before (he’s a shop one time a year kinda of a guy)  and got his shop on big time, a vintage shirt, a maroon jersey and a pair of shoes later ……..he was wondering what had come over him.

Midnight Express was hit for juices then it was off up the coast to Raumati South to visit Anna & Joe, truly great friends who were responsible for a large number of our wedding decorations and the most amazing hand-made quilt for a wedding gift. Whats more they also crafted a baby! It was our first time seeing Anna since we heard the good news and it was just lovely to see that happy healthy bump and two very excited people! Joe is in the throes of building a wooden canoe, so the two husbands spend a bit of time in “the shed” tit-to -ing and swapping tips of wooden boat building.

Whilst up on the Kapiti Coast we went to the Raumati Social Club for a snack and beverages. The crew at the Social club are not afraid if your order a Flatte (that’s half way between a flat white & a latte for the less cultured), their tea pots have the cutest little tartan covers, they have the most amazing pies – the kumara & coconut one is pretty epic but be careful not to burn the roof of your mouth ay.

Brother in law Paul lives in Petone so that was our next port of call. I’ve sadly never spend much time in Wellington, so all these places are new to me. I’m a big fan of Pet-One. I think I could happily live there with its multi-nation food outlets and speciality stores, epic second-hand stores and soy ice cream vendors.  My favourite find was a second-hand store on the main street where I discovered my new-found love for teaspoons. It would appear in the days before T-Shirts, DVDs and maybe even tea towels when you went somewhere cool….you got a teaspoon.

Been there…got the Teaspoon. I was pretty excited to find some Southern teaspoon gems such as Mitre Peak, Shotover Canyon and a Tuatara.

So all  in all Wellington spoiled us, we had the best experience, quality time was spent, vintage bits and pieces were foraged and the concert was just the icing on the epic weekend cake.

Check out a little Black Keys live at the links below..



Thanks Wellington x