Frankie 50th Edition….delish

I started buying and reading Frankie magazine a while back, when I had a job which required me to travel a stack.

I’m a bit of an oddball when it comes to airports, I like to be exactly on time, having everything just so and all my bits and bobs packed into my correctly sized retro mustard leather carry on…… the result of this over organisation is; more time in airports than necessary.

So once one has ordered their soy latte, people watched for a bit & tried not to roll their eyes at the pilots and air crew strutting through the airport like rockstars with their little wheely bags ….its time to do something a bit more constructive and less judgemental.

So off I would go to the magazine rack, pretending I’m not taking in all the celebrity gossip (a judging everything I see, so fail there) and look for “the thinking womens” magazine.

I brought MiNDFOOD a few times but found I couldn’t power dress, be an eco-warrior/ super mum (I don’t have kids yet) and effortlessly prepare myself for whatever festive occasion was looming. Maybe in a few years MiNDFOOD…but I’m not there yet (and kinda hoping I never will be).

Then nestled at the bottom of the rack, with is matte cover, calm white font & tag lines like: lace making, know your vintage, theatre in woolsheds, upcycled furniture & ping pong…. I knew I’d found something special indeed.

I realise this makes me part of a very carefully marketing to niche… but gosh darn it I’m very happy to be in that niche and think the good people at Frankie do a damn fine job of bringing us something to read…and not just when in airports

I have to be carefull what I read, I’m a big ol sponge, I absorb things I read word for word then regurgitate it to all around me…. its a dicy business. So I appreciate that Frankie brings positive, delightful ideas & quirks to my world.

As its a By Monthly mag…. I tend to get a bit titchy just before the latest addition hits of shores from our friends across the ditch and with the Super Special 50th edition as the next instalment I was even keener than usual to get my greasies on it.

Oh and she did not disappoint!

From the cover,you have to run your fingers over to comprehend the printing feat of it all….. to the “Pink walls of Ukraine”, I’ve gobbled it up, both sides and top to bottom.

Thank you Frankie for helping me to not take myself so seriously but for throwing some validation out there at some of the quirky things I get so hed up about.

Do* Make* Look*Listen* Say* Think