Habitat for Hummanity: ReStore Invercargill

Habitat Invers

The only way to find this store is down the rabbit hole then second barrow on the right… or was it left?

In short though I visited the ReStore on a number of occasions and it was in fact quite close to my house, it was always nearly impossible to find your way directly there and directly back again.

The culprit was not my poor sense of spatial awareness but more down to the fact the shop is located in the now all but defunct Glengarry village centre, which unlike most of Invercargill’s grid like roads are circular and winding…..all of which makes for some serious disorientation in an otherwise very straightforward town.

An Abundance of all that is second hand…… is the only way to describe the store, its the only warehouse like store of its kind down these ways and was oddly (or not so oddly) one of the last ones I stumbled across.

There is everything from furniture to artworks to bric a brac and clothing.

Some of the particularly epic pieces such as their Crown Lynn collection are on the pricier side of thing but as always its so choice to know the proceeds are going towards building homes for people in need.

My father in-law has helped out on a number of Habitat for Humanity builds both here and overseas, so cool to here of things like this going full circle – good work John.