Southland RETRO-Spective

If you’re a Molly Orange reader, you’ll have noted things have slowed up a bit….ok that’s un understatement – more like come to a grinding holt!

The reason being is the Mr. & I relocated to the North Island in January, to the very sunny Bay of Plenty, not for lack of love of the South but to follow jobs.

When we decided to make the move my first thought was: what about the blog? I’ve still got so much to share about the South and stacks of shnaps to show, I’m not done here!!

I’m not going to lie leaving the South and the South Island as a whole was a hard maneuver, I saw myself as always being a Southern gal… but what do you know our new home is just as choice, totally different but choice!

Its all about being able to see what’s on offer in your location, and I think writing this blog has helped me to always looks for the treasures and quirks of a place.

So now we are settled into our Northern nest its time to revisit the South and finish telling the tale of my time in the region and the wonderful people/vintage/ places I came across.

My writing will be in the reflective, past tense style as opposed to “this week I….” but I’m sure you get the gist……

So lets keep enjoying the South shall we…….?