Magpie Magpies villa Magpie cakes Magpie ginger Magpie stack

On the main North Road  between Galaway & Charles streets is a charming café which is under the watchful eye of a slightly serious looking feathered friend.

Housed in an old villa, tucked neatly away behind some well manicured box hedges and a giant rosemary bush, which is often alive with honey bees, is The Magpie Café.

Another of Invercargill’s slightly hidden gems, The Magpie Café does awesome homely food, has a pretty epic cabinet of delish cakes & slices and to top it off has some great vintage pieces dotted around the villa to purchase. The front rooms of the villa are still intact so you’ve got some great spots to chose from to sit. I’m a big fan of booths, so the booths at the back of the café are my favorite spot.

I had seen the orange café sign a number of times as I drove past but it took me a while to stop, as it was usually and the very beginning or end of my day.

What I needed was an excuse ……..enter good friend Lawrence and an excuse was created.

Lawrence  is one of those clever people who does a science related job that you think you comprehend,  until you ask him what he did today & the answer always baffles you.  Its water related, ground water perhaps, streams, rivers and the such like – whatever it is its good and we should be thankful for his services……even if we’re not a hundy sure what they are! Plus he’s been to Antarctica…… so that’s enough to make him awesome in my books.

The greatest thing is however that his place of employment is just up the road from The Magpie Café, so a “Corporate Lunch” was devised.

The only difference between the standard lunch date/catch up is that a “Corporate Lunch” sounds flasher and must be done during a lunch hour in your working week. It also gives you license to be a tad late claiming excusing like “my meeting ran over time” or “or I was on the phone to a client”….all pretty corporate sounding stuff ay?

It was on one of these “Corporate Lunches” that Lorro and I discovered The Magpie Stack: think thick ciabatta, hash brown, tomato, bacon, poached egg all piled high and the covered with lashings, not just a wee drizzle but LASHINGS of hollandaise sauce – BOOM.

Most of the time the conversation centered around life in Invercargill, plans for activities & adventures we should all do and what we should eat from the cabinet….not entirely Corporate dialogue but a great reprieve in the working week and sorely missed!

The Magpie Café :  a very good collection of food, people & shinning things.

Check out there facebook page and nip in for a stack or a sweet treat.

NB: the snap of the Magpie is my work, the rest of the images come from The Magpie Cafe’s facebook page 🙂