The Garage Sale

When we found out we’d be moving North to the Bay of Plenty, we starting figuring out how we were going to do the move, having recently married, combined our belongings, set up home…..and hoarded a bunch of stuff from around Southland – the question came: how do we get all this stuff and ourselves to the other island?

We were very fond of our little home and naturally wanted to take it all with us. There was however, a double garage filled with tools, bikes, adventure gears and 2 double sea kayaks to consider as well.


We schemed long as hard, moving company? Shipping container? Train? Hire a truck even…..?

We shopped around for quotes, the cheapest coming in at $3000.

We then looked around our home again we realized most things had been kindly given to us or picked up at op shops. Although I loved my set of $8 wooden chairs and highly uncomfortable but deeply cool retro couch, we probably didn’t want to spend that kinda of moo-la on moving it all.

While walking Harold the dog around the block one night we reached the conclusion that stuff was just stuff and we should release it back into the used furniture wild, making our relocation north easier –  The Molly Orange Garage Sales was decided upon.

Now I’d never held a garage sale before or even been to that many. I decided Molly Oranges was going to be a styly affair so I probably spent a little too much time making the garage aesthetically pleasing and hanging ample bunting.  I was also little unsure of the protocol for advertising but its pretty easy you just choose a date and put it int he local paper and the garage sale scene people find you…..and oh boy do they find you.

I put 9am as start time in the local paper but by 8.30am there was a group of  20 or so people gathering on our drive way, by 8.45am they could wait no more and barged on in. But hey I can’t begrudge anyone after a sweet second hand deal – I live for that shit!

The first wave were in and out, grabbing a few items and then they were off to hit the next sale. They didn’t care too much for the freshly brewed coffee and cookies I baked for the attendees.

Then throughout the morning came a much cruiser crowd, and a few young families, just out for a look and to purchase the odd thing. They were all about my baking, so I was pretty happy.

In the end we sold most of big items we couldn’t take with us and all the cookies were gone ……my favorite couch went to a seaside bach in Riverton. I’m very pleased indeed with its new home, seems fitting.

Now as I sit on my new favorite brown couch (picked it up from the Mount Salvation Army Store) in our Northern nest, I can barely remember which items I was so keen to keep!

Shtuff comes, shtuff goes, its just shtuff

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