This wee corner of the web is a slice of the time and adventures from my year living in Southland, NZ.

After having lived in the beautiful Queenstown for a number of years, the move even further South came as a bit of a surprise.

It also meant a move away from the pristine tourism bubble that is Queentown and back into real New Zealand, which sometimes involves people wearing there PJs to the supermarket (which I support).

This was me then:

Molly Orange: 30, newly married to my Mr and recently moved to New Zealand’s oldest city, Invercargill.

We’ve been calling it Waihopai (the city’s Maori name….it hasn’t caught on yet)

Harold the wire haired jack russel makes 3.

…So we’ve found ourselves pretty much at the bottom of the World (with the exceptions of Ushuaia, Argentina, they are just a scoach further south than we are & of course Antarctica) but otherwise I’m claiming it!

Down here at the bottom of the Pacific we’re finding, people are still living in a pretty choice era, things move a little slower, people have big veggie gardens & green houses, Saturday sport is the highlight of the week, you know your neighbours (ours have lived in the same house for 58 years) and most fascinating to me retro & vintage isn’t tready down here, it’s a way of life.

Invercargill –  the Hip & Cool Capital of NZ?

So amongst other things I sift about the South, finding delightful vintage & retro items from Invercargill and the likes of Otautau, Tuatapere, Winton, Balclutha & Gore (if you haven’t been you should!), meeting some very lovely people as I do.

*all snaps are taken by me unless otherwise stated