Molly Orange moves South

 InvercargillHenryMap Invercargill

When you tell people you’re moving to Invercargill, they sort of tilt they head to one side, give you a compassionate look and say “oh that will be nice….”

To be honest that was my response as well.

So often (and I’m a giant culprit here), we form an idea of a place, region, country before even setting foot on its soil.

Armed with the knowledge of my un-researched low expectations of my new found home town, I’m choosing to turn the other cheek and seek out all that is choice, cool, unexpected and truly awesome about New Zealand’s southern most city.

If only to change my own view and reactions to things that are unknown to me.

First port of call is to find something I have in common with this town:

MO:So Invercargill what do you get up to?

Invercargill: Cycling, I’m big into cycling…you?

MO: Nope, all the lycra and what not isn’t my scene.. what else can you tell me about you..?

Invercargill: My favorite color is Grey.

MO: yeah I’m more of an Orange fan myself, what about your spare time, what do you do with a day off?

Invercargill: Oh you know I quite like a bit of Vintage & Retro collecting, I’ve got like 19 Opshops and then a ton more scattered around outter laying Southland…. and there is Henry the Tuatara I like to go visit from time to time

MO:  me too…..BINGO

Invercargill: Yay, we’re gonna be great mates ay?

MO: it appears so…..

Common ground is a great place to start, so here we go……….

NB: Images care of except for the first one…….that’s our living room.