Knock Knock

I came across to door in the middle of nowhere the other day…. I was just about to drag it away for fire wood, when I was informed it was “nasty MDF” and… Continue reading

My new Vintage

The decade of the 20s has foreclosed… but unlike when the bank takes your house, I’m not bitter. Very similar to when you announce you’ve moving to Invercargill, when you say you’re just… Continue reading

I’ve been collecting:

    I had a tidy up of the Spare/Hoffice (that’s Home-Office)/ Storage room over the weekend. Turns out I’ve got some great finds. This is only a portion of them too! I… Continue reading

Tautapere take two..

Once again I found myself over in the far West corner of Southland, I’ve been spending a lot of time in this nook of late. To be honest I’ve probably always been a… Continue reading

Catlins & Creatures

This weekend saw an early morning rise on the Saturday (a little bitter about that) for a trip to the Catlin’s in search of swell. The Mr is an avid surfer, whilst I’m… Continue reading


Otautau (O – Toe – Toe) or as the locals say … actually I can’t figure out a way to phonetically type how the locals say it…. I’ve learnt not to say O-Toe- Toe… Continue reading

Form & Function

When it comes to vintage things I find, I can forgive poor function/no function of an item as long as it looks lovely. Dan, my Mr can not. He believes that things should… Continue reading

Warm fuzz in Winton

Yesterday saw me in Winton, I must pass through this farming hamlet at least a few times a week, on route to or from somewhere and 7 times out of 10 I’ll stop……… Continue reading

Flights & Thoughts

I flew South today, after what turned out to be 2 weeks away. No matter whether I’m away for “leisure”, “business” or family reasons, I’m always keen to get back down to the southern lands.… Continue reading

South Pacific Soul

One week in Samoa was beyond delightful… We took in the islands of Upolu & Savai’i, stayed in low-key beach fales and ate roadside chicken. The only vintage thing I came across was the beautiful… Continue reading