South…….. Pacific

We’re off on our slightly belated honeymoon today, I’m just in the midst of packing my retro Mustard Yellow travel set! The suitcase was found by my sister-in-law in Wellington and the smaller… Continue reading

Nightcaps….not an evening beverage

Whenever I see the sign to Nightcaps, I always think deadly nightcaps the mushrooms, the highly poisonous, deeply sinister type. So today when I saw the sign for  Nightcaps 17kms, I thought why… Continue reading


I’ve been in Dunedin this week and it really has to be one of my favourite Southern shpots. I’ve not had the pleasure of living there yet but spent a lot of time… Continue reading

a little bird told me

I’d heard of this vintage/design store aptly named “a little bird told me” out somewhere in the Wyndam area. I go through Wyndam at least once a week if not more and I’ve had my… Continue reading

End of Highway 99

 Tuatapere…. far South – West corner of Southland, next stop Fiordland…moose country! I’m a big fan of this little southern town, not as big of a fan as I am of Gore (more… Continue reading

I Heart ….

Day has been a bit of a stale one… in times like these the best thing to do is to make a quick list of things you love & you’re grateful for. I used… Continue reading

Weighty Subject

I’ve had a fascination with scales since I was wee, from watching my mum use a pretty retro set received as a wedding gift, to weigh out the right amount of sugar and dates,… Continue reading

Styly & Shnug

Think I may have attacked the Vintage Fair back to front over the weekend…. in one hall there was the clothing and the other housed the fabrics.  By going to paw through(and ultimately purchasing… Continue reading

Seems Fair….

Very excited indeed about a little trip to Dunedin this weekend, we have a bunch of people to catch up with post wedding, a few hefty thank yous to dish out and there just… Continue reading

What’s in a name

I’m all about seeing my name in lights…..but this wasn’t what I had in mind.